The Box Children, by Sharon Wyse
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"This book was amazing.. every character came alive.. i wish the book had never ended!"

"just finished this amazing book recently. never have i read a first book so powerful and heartwrenching as this one.truly unforgettable. So real- it will definitely hit the top of the charts. Lou Ann is a brave girl. can't wait for more from Sharon Wyse.Three cheers!!!"
sonya todd

"I loved her book THE BOX CHILDERN that I couldn't even put it down. It reminded me of the farm we lived on and how crazy it was when i was little. Almost every that Sharon wrote about in this book I could relate to and I love it"
Zoe Black

"I am in a bookclub with some of my friends and we chose "The Box Children" as our new book! When I finished I was amazed- I never knew a book could be so real! The writing was wonderful! It felt like I was right there with Lou Ann! It really moved me! Sharon obviously has talent when it comes to writing and I shall always honor her as a great author!"

"I just finished reading The Box Children and was moved deeply by the characters in the book. It was beautifully written, poignant and vivid! I will definately be recommending it to fellow readers I encounter in my work at our local library. Thank you for this wonderful gem and please give us many more! "
Linda Loveless

"I wanted to let you know that I loved your book. It reminded me of how resilient children are. Also, I am using it to teach a university level creative writing class in a women's prison in Minnesota and, after reading the excerpt while we were waiting for the book to arrive, I had to reschedule the book to be read during the first half of the course, rather than the last half. The students insisted. They are all as excited to read your book."
Margaret Preston

"I read your book. It's like cognac: looks simple, takes years to create, demonstrates the richness of age, tastes complex and sometimes burns. Congratulations!"
Cheryl Suchors

"Lou Ann is real enough to me that I keep thinking I can figure out a way to just take her away and keep her supplied with sanity, love and spiral notebooks for life. You have the most original, and true, voice I have encountered in a long, long time. The Box Children is a bonafide classic. I know a lot of MY friends will be reading it. Thank you so, so much for writing it."
Erika Moore, Words that Work

"When I read Sharon Wyse's Book, The Box Children I found myself over looking my own life. I'm going to use this book for my book-group. :-)"
Jordan Schweizer

"Brings up issues of 'Who can I trust'? All family members violated Lou Ann in various ways. While strangers, migrant workers, farm hands,daughters of whores, all provided understanding, respect and did her no harm."
Joyce Crane

"One of the most powerful books I have ever read. Thank you for writing a realistic book---not every relationship winds up like Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood. My only wish is that the book had been written when I was 26 years of age, not 46."
Gwyn Baumgartner

"What a hauntingly, beautifully written novel--It is my 'book treat' of the year."
Ruth Faxon

"I opened this book and couldn't put it down. Much to my delight and surprise, it wasn't just a 'woman's book' but was, instead, a worthwhile and gripping read into the complex interrelationships of Ms. Wyse's lifelike characters. I am definitely looking forward to the next one."
Ken Perry

"Despite knowing how incredibly talented Sharon is, I was still stunned by her superlative, diamond-hard writing. I was riveted. Her lead character's terrifying honesty and beautiful courage was so refreshing. This is a triumph."
Carolyn Capaccio

"The Box Children was finished in less than 48hrs and I wanted more!!! Sharon, thank you for giving voice to the little girls of America for whom silence has lasted too long. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Nekole Malia

"Spectacular, pure, believable voice. I've never read anything like it. The metaphor of the box children is very powerful. It's hard for me to imagine one word being different."
Susan Mufson

"what spare, poetic language: breathtaking at times. can't wait for your next book."
Susan Kaput

"Sharon Wyse's The Box Children is a brave, harrowing, deeply felt story of one North Texas girl's coming of age against the odds dealt to her by family, gender and place. Wyse writes with the surety of a born novelist, displaying grace, intelligence and dark humor in a tale about being trapped and breaking free."
Lisa Shea, author of Hula

"I did not put this book down--not even to wipe my tears. Sharon Wyse has just grabbed my respect, my adoration and my awe with this treasure. The Box Children is a powerful book that shines a bright light on precious vulnerability."
Norma Bradley Allen, author of The Quilters

"This is an amazing book, like a flourless chocolate cake, bittersweet and very rich."
Joan Beard

"I really, really like this book. And I'm not just saying that because she's my mom."
Glen Sanford

"The whole time I was reading it I was hearing it--dishes crashing, the sound of the windmill. The images and sounds make me remember things. This would be a great movie!"
Andrea Nemetz

"From the first sentence--which amazingly sets up the whole book!--I was moved. So poignant and real."
Marjorie Morrow

"I love Lou Ann! She's such a complete person to me. What a spunky kid. This book really evokes a time and place."
Margaret Shiba

"So vivid--I see it! It's really powerful on so many levels."
Sofia Blanchard

"They'll call it a cross between Carson McCullars and Tennessee Williams!"
Linda Ostreicher

"I couldn't put it down. Beautiful beautiful writing."
Phebe Brown

"I was so sad when it was over"
Colleen Devery


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